trees reflected in lake

Infrared Image of Pine Clouds

Pine Clouds

Pine Clouds is the home of Jean and Sam. Every month we host a shamanic journeying group. This group has been running for the last ten years. We welcome new members but please phone first if you are interested in joining.

The shamanic journey can be made in a number of ways. At Pine Clouds we normally journey to the sound of a live drum. Following the beat we will journey to the lower world to meet with power animals and to the higher world to meet with our spiritual guides.

Jean and Sam facilitate the group and have trained with Leo Rutherford and Eagles’s Wing. Whilst we welcome new members we will want to speak to you first to ensure that are ready for the sometimes intense experiences that you may have on your journeys. We aim to ensure that the environment in which we work is safe and supportive.

Our training was based on the teachings of Native Americans and we base our directional technology on their traditions. However, we are not traditionalists in the sense of insisting there is only one way to do things. Our group includes a number of people well versed in Pagan and Wiccan traditions. We respect all spiritual paths that honour the earth and the
principle of not hurting others.

We do not ask for any payment for attending the journeying group but everyone is encouraged to bring food to share.

As well as the journeying group and individual help we offer a variety of courses. Currently we are offereing Introduction to Shamanism, Shamanic Healing and in future Medicine Wheel Teachings.

Jean offers shamanic counselling and healing on a one to one basis. Sam can offer coaching using Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Some information on these services can be found on this site but please contact us directly if you are interested in soul retrieval or coaching sessions.