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"My favourite authors are Ian Rankin and Patricia Cornwell. I decided to look for some books I hadn't heard of and this book popped up. I was hooked on page one, and struggled to put it down. Well written, different and exploring some 21st Century issues."

"I love crime novels ... keeps moving at a good pace and will keep you entertained throughout."

"Will definitely keep a look out for any more."

Daughters of Derby

Drugs, guns, jihadists, prostitution and murder. You’ll find them all in the city where everything is for sale and no-one owns the truth.

Derby. City of guns, drugs, prostitutes, religious extremists and a secret history that stretches back to the 1970s.

Private investigator Simon Loake is reunited with the girlfriend he has not seen for twenty years and she asks him to recover the millions of pounds missing from her father’s estate. Jenny Patel, Simon’s partner, goes undercover at the University of Derby to investigate alleged Muslim extremists. When prostitutes start being murdered Simon and Jenny are bought in as consultants and it soon becomes clear that the missing money, the extremists and the murders are connected.

Now they must fight to uncover the truth and stop the murders as the city becomes engulfed in gang warfare.



Daughters of Derby


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"A very well written novel based on a detailed knowledge of how the criminal justice system works - or in some cases doesn't work. The novel gets better as it goes on making it difficult to put down."

- Phil Whitney, author of Relative Values and Affairs of State.