Sam Salt




Information about screenplays written by Sam Salt. Contact Sam directly if you want more information.


Cauldron of Changes

The most powerful range of occult forces in the world is poised to do battle to possess the mythical Cauldron of Cerridwen. To win the battle Owen Winter must accept his Pagan heritage and lead a coven of goths, misfits, fellow students and Romanian mystics into a war of dark magic. Whoever possesses the Cauldron of Cerridwen possesses the power to save or to destroy the world.

Sam wrote a number of treatments and scripts for this TV project. Ultimately the production company involved withdrew at a late stage. Sam is still keen to take the project forward with input from the right people.

Sleeping in Blood

Helen's children are dead but they keep coming back. Joshua is a fake medium who tries to help her. When they find themselves at a house party in the Scottish highlands the ghost of Aleister Crowley gifts Helen a powerful talisman which unleashes the wrath of a Mayan god.

Sleeping in Blood, a feature-length script, is a fast moving tale of horror and revenge.

Photographing Girls

Photographing Girls is a prequel to Daughters of Derby set in the 1990s. Private Eyes Simon Loake and Jenny Patel race to save a kidnapped girl from the paedophile responsible for a series of murders.

Photographing Girls exisits both as an unpublished novel and as a feature-length script.



Feedback on Photographing Girls from Orange-Pathe script reader:

""The pace drives forward relentlessly..."

"As a thriller Photographing Girls is an accomplished piece of writing..."

"The author has a thorough understanding of the genre in which he is writing and manges to keep the suspense throughout..."

"The dialogue lifts off the page.."

"He never slips into exposition..."