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"Sam Salt has done his research into both the scientific and linguistic features of this story. Anyone who enjoyed the idea behind Life on Mars will really enjoy this book."

"I like the idea of all groups being slightly at odds with their own conventions, and in social terms the acknowledgment of that IS alchemy. It's the second of Sam's books, and his style of writing pulls you into the next page."


Alchemists of Time

1959. Alex Harrison, a science teacher and his girlfriend, Maxine Silver, a self-professed witch, buy an old house on the outskirts of the town of Derby. They find a Victorian camera obscura built into the roof and Alex becomes obsessed with restoring it. Then one night Alex disappears.

1859. Alex finds himself transported back in time to Victorian Derby and becomes trapped there. He learns that a dangerous woman, Bella Nightingale, has found a way to travel into the future and her activities threaten the very fabric of time. Only by learning occultism and alchemy will Alex be able to stop Bella and go home to his own time.

Heretics tells the story of how Alex in 1859 and Maxine in 1959 must fight to stop a danger unleashed upon the world. From the Victorian rookeries to witchcraft rituals on the Derbyshire moors the race is on to stop Bella Nightingale.

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Alchemists of Time was meant to be a standalone book. However, it became clear to me that I had a lot more to say about my characters and what happens to them. I'm currently working on the sequel to Daughters of Derby but I will be returning to the 1960s and 1860s.